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X-cruise I 38-43mm

X-cruise I 38-43mm

Stopping point: Upper Gas cable

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Universal “Cruise control” for motorcycles.

X-cruise I is for you who want relief in the wrist and forearm for e.g. longer trips.

X-cruise is easily mounted on the throttle of your motorcycle and activated easily and steplessly with your thump.

You can accelerate without having to deactivate the cruise control. When you let off the gas, it stops at the point you had activated it. Just like you know it from your car.
When you need to deactivate the cruise control, simply turn the throttle back to neutral/idle. The cruise control is then “reset” and must be activated again.

The adapter ring is mounted on the throttle itself and must sit parallel to the throttle. If X-cruise cannot be deactivated easily, with a light twist of the throttle, simply return it or contact us so that we can find a solution together.


X-cruise I fits all motorcycles with a throttle of approx. 38-43mm in diameter. The L-shaped arm uses the upper gas cable as a stopping point.
There are 6 adapters included for Ø 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43 mm handlebars for a perfect fit.

Anti Block System

The adapter ring system is a kind of Anti Block System that ensures X-cruise from a tight locking. With this feature you can deactivate the throttle lock with ease and with a natural action by turning the throttle back to idle when stopping or slowing down.  


Mounting the X-cruise is very simple and a 2 minute job, almost without tools. You don’t even have to unmount Handguards or bar end mirrors as you can
twist the adapter ring and the X-cruise arm round their brackets.

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X-cruise in use

Mounting and messurering